How to Pick the Right Webflow Agency?

Learn how to pick the right Webflow Agency for your project and set up your business for success.

Webflow is a no-code tool that helps you build or even re-design your online presence fast. It enables you to build a fully customized website without ever needing to type a single line of code. With all Webflow agencies to choose from, it is hard to pick one that will be perfect for your project. Go over this easy-to-follow guide and learn everything you need to know before picking the right agency for your project.

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Why hire Webflow agency in the first place?

As you probably already know, there are many website-building tools that enable you to build your own website in no time. No-code movement has completely revolutionized the way websites as built. With so many free available templates, you can put up a website in no time without needing to outsource an agency. 

However, there are some disadvantages when trying to build a website single-handed:

  • Having NO design background drastically limits your potential for the ability to design a stunning website with great UX and UI.
  • Without any developers, you can also forget about any custom code and thus custom functionalities. 
  • No development and design knowledge force you to rely on templates 
  • You waste a ton of time that you should be spending on growing your business. 

All those problems are gone when you partner with a professional Webflow agency. It can help you build a custom and unique website that will set you apart from the competition.

Webflow Agency can help you:

  • Design a unique website that will set you apart from the competition.
  • Create a high-performing and responsive website that will be accessible on every screen.
  •  Optimize the website for SEO and help you drive more leads.
  • Assist you in managing and further improving the page.
  • Adding custom solutions with clean code.
  • Save your time.

While the agency work on your website, you can focus on what matters most - growing your business. 

Image shows business growth

Clarify your own goals and budget

Before deciding whether Webflow is the right platform for your project, clarify what you are trying to achieve. Understanding your vision will lead to efficient collaboration 100% tailored to your needs. Working with any creative or Webflow agency requires trust and active participation from both sides. 

Before you start listing top Webflow agencies and reaching out, you should:

  • Clearly define your goal.
  • Create brand guidelines.
  • Set up your budget.

Without understanding your goals, no agency will be able to help you, no matter the experience and past results. Defining your goals will remove all the redundant back-and-forth emailing and make collaboration much more efficient. 

Next, define your core brand guidelines to support your vision. Brand guidelines will enable the agency to build around them and not make a 180-degree spin on your branding. Brand guidelines will help you build identity and make you recognizable to your audience. On another side, they will help the agency work more efficiently and closer to your goals. 

Lastly, define your budget. Now that you have defined your goals, you should have a pretty good understanding of how much this will cost. Albeit Webflow is a no-code tool, this doesn't make it a cost-saving solution. If you want a highly functional and custom website, be prepared to pay what this is worth.

Understand the platform

Before deciding on using Webflow, you should understand the platform yourself. Webflow is a powerful platform, but so are many others. Understanding its capabilities and limitations will help you align your goals with your expectations. Before deciding if you want to use Webflow go over these articles:

If Webflow is the right platform for you, visit Webflow University and learn the basics. Fundamental knowledge will help you better understand its capabilities and limitations. This will lead to more informed communication with the Webflow agency and better partnership. Strong Webflow fundamentals knowledge will enable you better manage your site after the project is finished. 

Find a perfect fit

After defining your goals, now is finally the time to find the Webflow Agency that fits perfectly with your requirements.

Before choosing an agency, ask yourself this:

  • How complex is the project? 
  • Do you need only a simple landing page, a custom website, or a global eCommerce? 

You might not even need an agency. An experienced freelancer might do just fine.  

Next, analyze the portfolio. You want to find someone with past experience in successfully delivering projects like yours. Even better if the agency worked on a project in the same industry or niche. Make a list of top agencies and prepare a proposal to reach out.

Once you reach out, you need to define collaboration and objectives. Be precise and define your goals, deadlines, and objectives in this project. Don't forget to distinguish the flow of the project. Pairing with someone that will help run the project smooth is essential. 

Lastly, the agency you pick must be an active collaborator. Meaning it will communicate with you throughout the project, ask for feedback and deliver the promised. Your responsibility is to deliver clear instruction, constructive feedback, and all information needed to continue the project.

Picture shows a collaboration between two partners

Reach out

The last step is reaching out to a selected Webflow agency. When reaching out, you should include all relevant information in your proposal. It is important to keep the agency on the same page on what you are trying to achieve.

Your proposal should thus include:

  • A short project summary that describes what the project is all about.
  • A company background to help the agency understand your story and the service you provide.
  • Clear objectives with a short explanation behind them.
  • The scope of the project and all branding and other assets you can deliver to them.
  • Timeline and deadlines of your project
  • Technical requirements and custom solutions you need in the scope of this project
  • Budget

Once you agree to a partnership, the agency will need more details in order to start working. To guarantee a successful project, you should also:

  • Provide the agency with brand guidelines, copy, and marketing materials. 
  • Get familiar with the team or a project manager that will overlook your project. You must ensure that you and the agency are aligned and on the same page.
  • Provide all the necessary information for the project to run smoothly.

Illustration shows a person sending a mail


You now understand that with a wide array of available no-code tools hiring a Webflow agency might be worth it. Agency can help you build a unique website and set you apart from the competition. It also assists in managing and further improving the page as your business scale.


Even if you hire an agency, learning Webflow is still worth it. Understanding its fundamentals will help you understand the platform and make more informed conversations. The next thing to remember is always clarify your goals, objectives, and the budget you are willing to spend. 

Lastly, when you reach out try to be as helpful and proactive as possible. Make sure everyone is aligned on the project, and Provide all the necessary information for the project to run smoothly.

Flowout helps you stand out from the crowd with unlimited Webflow development and design. After our kick-off call, we get to work and deliver the first draft in only 3 business days. We communicate with you throughout the project to make sure all your requirements are met. Learn how we help businesses around the world with expert Webflow solutions.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find Webflow Agency?

You can find a list of Webflow agencies on Webflow Experts webpage. There you can pick between professional and enterprise partners. 

What is a Webflow Agency?

Webflow Agency is an agency that builds and develops websites using Webflow. 

How to price Webflow projects?

Pricing Webflow projects will depend from agency to agency and the project itself. While most agencies charge Webflow development per hour, Flowout set the pricing on a flat monthly subscription rate.


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