Building a high-performing & pixel-perfect Webflow website for Mezmo

Landing page we created for Sendlane in Webflow.

Helping world-leading startups and Fortune 500 companies requires the ultimate user experience. Mezmo was looking for a reliable partner to bring their brand to life and turn their design ideas into pixel-perfect sites. We helped them revamp their website and improve the customer experience with custom Lottie animations.

About Mezmo

Mezmo helps organizations unlock the value of their telemetry data. Cloud-native and built for enterprise scale, Mezmo’s platform helps collect, transform and route telemetry data to various observability, security and analytics tools to control the costs and drive actionability. 

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Company size

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Start of a partnership

Mezmo is an observability platform that ingests, transforms and routes telemetry data to help companies maximize the value they get from their data. By giving customers access to the right data in the right systems, Mezmo enables the right insights modern and fast-paced teams need to boost their productivity. 

Working with the world’s fastest-growing startups and Fortune 500 companies means there is no room for error. Teams that work with rapid speed and are on the trajectory to conquer markets need fast and reliable data solutions. User experience plays a crucial role in helping Mezmo’s customers scale and achieve desired results faster and more efficiently. 

“Our website (built on Webflow) required proper structure setup and support for an intuitive user experience. The previous website (built on WordPress) carried a lot of obsolete coding. It was disorienting for users and difficult to maintain for us.” - Bruce Lu, Director of Design and Creative

When offering high-quality solutions, the website user experience design must not be compromised. Customers need to know how to navigate through the pages and find the desired information intuitively. 

Our team helped Mezmo reach their web design goals and: 

  • Improved the UX / UI of their site.
  • Delivered a site that is easy to manage for non-Webflow developers. 
  • Improved styling throughout the page.
  • Optimized site for SEO performance.
  • Organized and structured the website for easier navigation.
Sendlane blog sidebar we created in Webflow.

The challenge: From idea to a Webflow page

Built very quickly, the first version of Mezmo’s website needed structural and UX improvements. Their team reached out to us to help them revamp their site, boost functionality and convert their Figma designs into pixel-perfect Webflow pages. 

We discussed all of their objectives and requests on the initial call and went straight to work! From start to finish, we communicated with them via Slack and provided a transparent overview of the progress report. 

“Flowout has a dashboard where we can submit tickets. However, they are also very responsive on Slack. A few adjectives to describe their PM style: Attentive, Rapid, Detail-oriented, and Intuitive.” - Bruce Lu, Director of Design and Creative

Mezmo was impressed with our portfolio, quality and price performance we offer under our Webflow services. 

Landing page we created for Sendlane in Webflow.

Solution by Flowout

"Their attention to detail and quick problem-solving skills are the two skills I was not getting from other contractors." - Bruce Lu, Director of Design and Creative

Bruce saw us as a perfect fit for a partnership. Our team offered Mezmo unlimited Webflow design and development support by:

  • Converting Figma files to tier-one Webflow pages.
  • Developing tier-two pages based on the look and feel of the design.
  • Setting up a resource center with improved and intuitive UX.
  • Creating custom Lottie animations.
  • Migrating the previous website content to new pages.

Bruce got us a detailed brief of what they need alongside their Figma files to kickstart our project. We turned every design file into a high-performing and pixel-perfect Webflow site, but this was not all. 

We also improved their customer experience by making the whole website interactive with custom Lottie animations that keep the site visitors engaged.


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