How moving from WordPress to Webflow accelerates the growth of a healthcare startup Nitra

Landing page we created for Sendlane in Webflow.

About Nitra offers a simpler, smarter way to manage spending and business support for healthcare practices.

It was founded with a mission to bring modern financial products, integrated medical software, and supply chain solutions to practitioners and physicians in the healthcare industry, with the goal to help doctors better manage their practices and better focus on their patients. 

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How it started: and Flowout

The limitations of WordPress were catching up with Nitra and they were looking for a platform where it’s easier to scale and manage the website, so they hired us to migrate their complete website to Webflow.

It was a huge project so they needed a reliable partner that won’t back down - that being said, we’re still their Webflow partners to this day.

Sendlane blog sidebar we created in Webflow.
Sendlane blog sidebar we created in Webflow.

Our work

  • Moving their website from WordPress to Webflow:

We jumped on the project to move Nitra’s complete website from WordPress to Webflow. And although it was a lot of pages, we managed to seamlessly migrate everything to Webflow in less than 2 months.

By changing platforms, they were able to start scaling faster and manage content better because of Webflow’s user-friendly CMS.

  • Developing landing pages for ad campaigns:

We’re Nitra’s website team on demand, supporting them with unlimited Webflow development of new landing pages for their ad campaigns. They’re a fast-growing startup, constantly launching new products and marketing campaigns, so they need someone fast and reliable to take care of the website work.

  • Working with their creative agency to implement new designs:

We’re working together with Nitra’s creative agency to implement new designs in Webflow. We don’t necessarily always provide our own designs, which is the case here. They depend on us to bring life to their website designs in Webflow, which are constantly being A/B tested and improved for the best performance. 

5 stars

If your site is on Webflow, you need Flowout

Flowout is one of the best vendors I have used to date as the Head of Marketing at a Fintech startup. They are organized, responsive, and collaborative. Their work product is excellent and the turn around times have been so impressive. Couldn't be happier!

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Maud Ricaurte

Head of Brand and Marketing @ Nitra

The results

By moving their website from outdated WordPress to Webflow in less than two months, developing landing pages for ad campaigns and working with their creative agency to implement new designs in Webflow, Flowout helps Nitra scale their business faster, enhance user experiences on the website, A/B test more design concepts and convert leads from paid campaigns via specific landing pages that are constantly being iterated to see what works.

Through partnering with us, Nitra has a skilled Webflow website team by their side, supporting them with everything they need to grow quicker.


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