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We build Webflow sites that make a difference and help you stand out from your competition.

Our story

Before Flowout was born in April 2021, we were just a friendly bunch of freelancers. Each of us with a startup story, a passion for bootstrapping products, and a love for Webflow. Our passion for launching new products led us to seek how we can help brands stand out on the internet. With a mission to help brands create unique and superior user experiences, we created Flowout, a business focused on all things Webflow.

Today, our team of over 15 members is helping brands create unique website solutions. As Webflow Professional partners, we have dozens of established relationships with our partners.

Flowout Webflow Agency Co-founder and Office
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on every single step we make.

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in relationships with all of our partners.

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in all things Webflow and design.

Here’s what we believe in

Never in history was it so easy to launch a digital business. But neither has the competition to build and scale such a business ever been so fierce. Getting ahead of the competition seems almost impossible today, so having a reliable partner can take a huge burden off your shoulder.

With a mission to stand by your side on every step of creating and tweaking your website, we have created a set of core values that we turn into action with every single partner.

We help businesses create unique user experiences

We help you grow by offering unlimited Webflow design & development for a fixed monthly fee - from building the site from scratch to fixing and tweaking even the tiniest detail on your page.

Creating unique customer experiences will allow you to stand out from the crowd and generate quality leads. Having Flowout at your side will help you get your business off the ground or grow faster than ever before.

Examples of our past work

Meet our team

Luka Mlakar


Co-founder & Webflow designer
Ziga Fajfar


Co-founder & Webflow developer


Webflow designer & developer


Webflow developer


Webflow developer
Sergej Gorisek


Webflow designer


Webflow developer
Peter Strelec


Marketing manager
Pablo the dog


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