How Flowout helped Awning with custom API integrations and fast website iterations

Landing page we created for Sendlane in Webflow.

About Awning

Awning is the first real estate technology company and brokerage focused on single-family rental home investments. Their mission is to make investing in single-family homes simple and accessible by allowing investors to invest from anywhere at any time.



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Start of a partnership

Awning is on a mission to make investing in single-family rentals simple and accessible for everyone, no matter where you are in the world. Focused on helping successful and busy people grow their net worth, they needed a high-functioning website.

To provide a flawless service and help their clients safely invest in real estate, Awning needed a reliable partner.

"We hired Flowout to build our marketing website and homepage, and evolve those pages over several months as we made updates to our service." - Shri Ganeshram, CEO

We partnered with Awning to develop their brand new Webflow site, which included integrating custom APIs.

"They were incredibly professional. They produce great work quality, are communicative, and are affordably priced. It's insane!"
Sendlane blog sidebar we created in Webflow.

The challenge: Publish pages fast and efficiently

"We had a designer on our team so we created designs in-house. We then turned those designs over to Flowout who asked a bunch of great questions during our kick-off meeting. After that, they delivered the first set for testing. We responded by asking for some small tweaks and they delivered. We now use them on an ongoing basis for projects and work with them similarly -- they always impress us with their work quality and speed and professionalism."

Awning reached out to us to help them convert their beautiful designs into pixel-perfect Webflow pages. Their marketing team is very agile and always strives to optimize the website and enhance their customer experience. 

We support them by iterating and implementing changes on pages to help them maximize conversions and find out what best fits their audience.

Landing page we created for Sendlane in Webflow.

Custom API integration

Working with Awning allowed us to deliver our most technologically advanced project yet. We had to implement several custom API endpoints in Webflow. The goal was to:

  • Display selected real estate listings from Awning.
  • Add autocomplete search for regular listings and an Airbnb estimator.
  • Send prospective leads to their Slack workspace over custom API.

To be able to call the API and prevent cross-origin errors, we needed to make API calls via a proxy server, which serves as a bridge between the Webflow site and their API.

Custom paywall example

Solution by Flowout

Impressed by our quality and price, Shri saw us as a perfect fit for a long-term partnership. 

“We looked at several options and discovered Flowout, which seemed to meet the perfect intersection of price and quality."

Every single project is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and Awning was no different. 

We did a kickoff video meeting at the start of a project to understand their needs and objectives. To keep the project going in the right direction, we regularly updated Shri and his team via Slack and our dashboard.

“Working with Flowout helped us deliver a new marketing website with a small engineering team, something we wouldn't have been able to invest so heavily in otherwise. This has been crucial in us winning customer trust.”

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