SaaS headline formulas

Most SaaS headlines aren't optimized so they can't convert. Use these headline formulas to create clear and compelling copy for your SaaS website.

“Everything you need to {achieve a goal or benefit}”

This formula aims to convey that the SaaS product offers a wide range of benefits without specifying all of them individually. The goal is to create a sense of inclusivity and highlight that the product can address multiple aspects of the customer’s needs related to SEO. 

With a formula like this, you should consider breaking down the specific benefits or features that contribute to this goal in separate headlines or sections on your landing page.

Ahrefs: Everything you need to rank higher & get more traffic.

“Your {integrations or product features}. All in one place” 

This formula emphasizes the consolidation of various elements required to run a business into a single platform. It’s very straightforward and effectively communicates the idea that your SaaS is the go-to solution for your target audience, instead of using different tools for each aspect.

Podia: Your website, email marketing, and products. All under one roof.

“The {opposite of what the process is usually like} way to {desired outcome}”

This formula is based on the opposite approach, meaning that your SaaS product provides a unique and simplified way to achieve a desirable outcome, making it more accessible and user-friendly - the opposite of what that process typically looks like.

Tally: The simplest way to create forms.

“Build {desired outcome or experience}”

This headline focuses on the idea that your SaaS product enables users to build the desired outcome or experience for users quickly and easily without needing other tools to do so. It’s a very effective way of communicating your product’s use case.

Dyte: Build powerful live experiences in your product.

“The {the opposite of what the process is usually like} {your product} ever”

This formula emphasizes that your SaaS product offers a unique and unconventional approach compared to the typical or traditional process. It’s effective for showcasing the product’s standout qualities and how it differs from the norm in a positive and impressive way. The fastest, most precise no-code AI tool ever.

“Stop {pain point} and start {desired outcome}”

This formula is solution-oriented. It focuses on the idea that your SaaS product provides a solution to a common problem or challenge. It communicates the product’s ability to simplify and streamline the desired outcome without having to struggle with typical pain points.

Meteor: Stop fighting with frameworks and start shipping real apps.

“Unlock the {benefit or technology}”

This formula is benefit-oriented. It signifies that your SaaS product allows users to access or unleash a particular advantage in a specific field. It’s a simple way to convey the key benefit or technology that your product offers, making it clear and appealing to potential customers.

Levity: Unlock the power of AI automation.

“Never {unpleasant event} again”

This formula reminds potential customers of the unpleasant feeling they get when experiencing the pain point that your product solves. Humans tend to respond more intensely to negative stimuli, so this type of headline can be a strong attention-grabber.

AppSumo: Never pay full price for software again.

“{Key feature or product} for {specific needs or category}”

This formula offers a comprehensive solution to the pain points your potential customers are experiencing, emphasizing that your SaaS product or one of its key features can solve needs or simplifies a process in a specific category. 

Pilot: One team for all your accounting needs.

“{Desired outcome} while you {effortless activity}”

This formula highlights how easy and effortlessly it is for your target audience to get the desired outcome with your SaaS product. This works best for products that automate most of the processes or require very low maintenance from the user’s point of view. 

ProfitWell: Drive subscription revenue while you sleep.

“Go from {starting point} to {desired outcome}”

This formula is considered transformational because it focuses on the idea of achieving significant progress or transformation, like starting from nothing and reaching a specific milestone. It’s a great way of communicating the potential for significant growth with your SaaS product. 

Gumroad: Go from zero to $1.

“{Key feature} is now as easy as {a very simple task}”

This formula is based on comparative simplicity, emphasizing that your SaaS product has simplified a specific key feature to the point where it’s as easy as doing a very simple everyday task that requires almost no effort. It communicates that your product is incredibly easy to use.

Bardeen: Automation is now as easy as texting a friend.

“Stop {common problem or pain point}”

This formula addresses a problem-solution in one sentence. It effectively communicates that your product’s ability is to provide a solution to the pain point or challenge that potential users are facing. It works best if you do market research and find out what is the most common issue.

HyperComply: Stop wasting time on security questionnaires.

“Turn your {asset} into a {desired outcome}”

This formula is based on the idea of taking an existing asset and transforming it into a desired outcome with the help of your SaaS product. It communicates the potential for significant growth, making it clear to your target audience that your product can help them scale. 

Convo: Turn your podcast into a community.

“Create {product or key feature}, {desired outcome}”

This formula focuses on the benefits of your SaaS and its ability to allow potential customers to create something that will bring their desired outcome to life. It’s a very clear way to communicate the product’s value proposition and the results you can make with it.

Craft: Create documents, make impact.

“{Product or key feature} loved by {specific audience or users}”

This formula uses a testimonial approach, implying that your SaaS product or one of its features are loved by specific audiences or users. That way you put positive social proof directly into the headline. It also suggests to similar users that it may be a valuable choice for them.

Around: Video calls loved by extraordinary teams.

“Did you {experience a pain point}?”

This formula focuses on the question about a pain point that your target audience wants to avoid or if they had a bad experience and your SaaS can provide a solution for it. This type of question headline can make the potential user more likely to engage with your solution.

AirHelp: Did you have a delayed or canceled flight?

“Turn {input} into {desired outcome} with {your SaaS}”

This formula is based on the desired transformation. With it you can show your customers how they can turn something they already have into something that is even more valuable - a desired outcome for them. And all they need for it is your SaaS and the solution it offers.

Smile: Turn first-time customers into forever customers with the world’s most trusted loyalty app.

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