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Landing page we created for Sendlane in Webflow.

About Monster Products

Founded in 1979 by Noel Lee, Monster Products focus on creating high-end consumer electronics. The brand journey started with making the first high-performance speaker cable - the original Monster cable. Today Monster continues developing advanced solutions for home entertainment, smart home, gaming, professional audio, mobile, health and wellness products. 




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Start of a partnership

High-end entertainment solutions bring in high-end and very demanding customers. In this niche, you have to provide a superior customer experience from the very start - from when they first land on your page to when they purchase the product.

Monster was looking for a Webflow service that can help them enhance user experience. They needed ongoing design and development support to expand their services and create brand new pages. 

"We needed ongoing design and development support for one of our Webflow e-commerce websites. Webflow is a beautiful platform but can be very challenging to develop custom work for. We also wanted a dedicated remote team for our site."

This is when the partnership between Monster Products and Flowout was born. Our team worked closely with them to create pixel-perfect and high-performing ecommerce websites, beautiful custom animations and made sure to enrich the site with better data. 

Sendlane blog sidebar we created in Webflow.

More than an ecommerce site

One of the goals of this project was not just to create an ecommerce site like any other, but to improve the customer experience by making the whole website interactive. We help Monster sell their premium products in a more engaging way through animations. 

“Our first project was integrating Webflow with and registering e-commerce events. Some of these events are not easy to register with Webflow, such as "Add to Cart" and "Initiate Checkout".

Data-driven performance with Segment integration

When you operate in global markets, there is no buffer for mistakes. You have to be lean, agile and driven by real data. To help Monster achieve optimal performance, we integrated the page with Segment. 

Segment is a customer data platform that helps businesses collect, clean and archive their first-party customer data. Having rich data on their page also helps Monster to rank higher on Google. 

“Our Facebook Pixel is enriched with better data thanks to the Segment integration. We are also now able to send a clean set of Webflow e-commerce data to data warehouses and other analytics tools to better understand our business since Webflow has no analytics in their backend and is very weak with reporting.”

Dynamic site means better user experience

When we think about enhancing customer experience, we instantly think about animations. Scrolling through an interactive page with seamless animations really adds value to the page visitors. Our goal was to create landing pages that keep customers engaged from top to bottom. Here are some examples of the pages we did animations on:

Example of CTA made in WebflowScreenshot of navigation bar

Agile and fluid workflow

We believe in transparency and open communication with every partner. The Flowout team communicated with the Monster Products team throughout the whole process via our custom dashboard. This resulted in an agile workflow that allowed us to finish our project quickly and efficiently. 

5 stars

They were skilled, dedicated, and hungry to build a better digital future for us.

They are extremely helpful and respond right away. Flowout provides us with a custom dashboard to manage tasks and communicate with developers. It is really awesome. The first task we did was completed in under 2 days! The two founders of Flowout are extremely passionate about providing a dedicated full-time team to companies that need it. We met with them, they displayed their work, and we spoke about our plans to grow our business. What we especially liked was that they don't outsource their projects, their design and development team is all in-house.

Project testimonial author photo

Victor Dweck

Marketing Manager @ Monster Audio

The result

With a successful ongoing partnership, we help Monster Products with all things Webflow, from custom web development to design solutions.

Animations keep the customers engaged when browsing through the products on their page. Data integrations help Monster stay informed, better understand their customers and further optimize their business.


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