Flowout Year in Review 2022

Thinking about 2022 is pure smiles and joy. From amazing clients and 16 new team members to new products and 80+ delivered projects.

Looking back, the year 2022 was special for us. We stepped in the year as an ambitious 4-person small Webflow service only to become Webflow Experts working with the world leading companies. We're excited to kick off the new year and reflect on all we accomplished in 2022.

Table of contents

From 4 to 20 team members 

First and foremost, we would not be able to achieve so much without our incredible team. We stepped in the year with a team of 4 people and grew our team to a whopping 20. 

Today, Flowout is a team full of passionate web designers and developers striving to deliver outstanding work on every project.

50+ clients and 80+ delivered projects

Having so much talent on board allowed us to work with world-leading companies such as Jasper.ai, Sequoia Capital, Kajabi, and over 50+ other clients. 

In total, we completed 80+ projects in 2022, among which those three are our favorites:

Nightfall AI project

It has been a very busy year, but we are proud of all the hard work our team has put in. 

Launching Flowcast

In 2022 we decided to focus more on the community and bring more value to aspiring entrepreneurs, Webflow developers, and other individuals following their journey.

In addition to all client work, we also started our own podcast called Flowcast. So far, we had some great guests on the show sharing valuable insights and lessons. You can listen to our podcast on:

Flowcast hosted by Peter Strelec and Florijan Ropert

Building Linguana

Finally, we have been working hard on building Linguana, a multi-language SaaS exclusively for Webflow! A tool that will help you scale your Webflow projects in more than 189 languages. 

We can't wait to share more about this with you in the coming months.

Linguana landing page

What is in store for 2023

2022 has certainly been a milestone year for us. We're so grateful for all of our clients, team members, and partners. 

Our goals for 2023 are high but so are our ambitions. In the upcoming year, our goals are to:

  • Launch and scale Linguana.
  • Achieve 2x MRR.
  • Become an enterprise partner.
  • Launch more resources and freebies for the community.

Year in review 2022

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