Top 15 Free Webflow Templates to Launch Your Startup

Cut the date launch in half and stop spending countless hours on development. Use a free Webflow template instead.

Nothing beats a custom design. But sometimes you don't have the budget, the right team, or the time to build a website from scratch. A great way to show your business to the public fast and effortlessly is by using free Webflow templates. With so many templates you can pick from, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. In this article, we show you our top 15 free templates to help kickstart your next project.

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Why pick a Webflow template?

Webflow allows you to build a unique brand image without needing a development and design team. Webflow is a great pick for small businesses that want to differentiate themselves from the crowd. What makes it special is that it bridges design and development in one seamless process. Every element in Webflow is customizable in visual canvas. This allows small teams or even individuals to handle the whole online presence in house. 

Templates are not only great for startups without development and design teams. We can see them being used by seasoned professionals since they save so much time. It is a lot easier to adjust predefined components than to build everything from scratch. By saving time and energy on your site, you can focus on where it matters the most. Building and scaling a successful business.

Free Webflow templates recommended by team Flowout

Saturn - landing page template

Saturn landing page is a perfect template for the so-called king of business models - SaaS. This template was not created solely on a designer's good eye for what looks good. It is designed based on the extensive research on top-performing SaaS landing pages. By allowing you to customize every single element, it is a good choice for any technological business on the market today. 

Saturn landing page
Source: Flowout

Luma - retail website template

Luma is a retail website template with CMS and ecommerce integration already included. All you have to do left is to add your products and content, and you are ready to go. Minimalistic and modern design makes it a beautiful template to attract new visitors. The template includes home, about, contact, blog post, product, checkout template, and more.

Luma template home screen
Source: Webflow

Fitnesso - fitness website template

The fitness community has been moving to online space for quite some time now. Online fitness trainers and brands like Peleton have achieved massive success, especially during lockdowns. Fitnesso template will enable you to grow your business as a fitness coach online. With integrated eCommerce, you can sell premium packages, schedule calls, gain new clients, and nurture the existing ones. 

Fitnesso homepage example
Source: Flow Ninja

Mirror - cloneable CMS template

When your freelancing gig doesn't give you spare time to build a portfolio from scratch, use a template instead. Mirror is a free CMS template that enables you to showcase your work animatedly and responsively. 

Screenshot for mirror clone-able CMS template.
Source: Tyler Hughey

Toystore - ecommerce template

With ecommerce skyrocketing for quite some time now, we have to add a template for it to our list. Toystore is a colorful template filled with bright colors that will make every visit to your site a pleasant experience. The template includes animations, global swatches, and contact and subscribes Forms. Every element on the site is also fully customizable to fit your brand style.

Header of Toystore Webflow template
Source: Elastic Themes

Crystal - landing page template

Sometimes a beautiful landing page and great content to persuade the visitors is all you need. While you need to cover the copy, the Crystal landing page is a great template for the high convertible page. Clone it in Webflow, add a copy, and start converting the first visitors into customers. Clear classes and clonable elements will make tweaking your site easy as a piece of cake.

A example of crystal template being used for real estate website
Source: Flowout

Client-first 1 - SaaS template

A free template by Finsweet. This SaaS Webflow template is a resource released alongside their client-first style system. This means all classes are structured in a way that is easy to use for both beginners and experts. This template includes 10 static and 1 CMS page, and an open-source design license.

Header of Client first template 1
Source: Finsweet

Grit - Fashion website template

Create more than just a plain ecommerce site with Grit template. It enables you to create a better user experience through storytelling. You can create a Pinterest-like grid and customize every single element. Tweak or change the colors, web fonts, images, and other elements on the page. 

Example on how does Grit template looks like in action.
Source: Webflow

Covilla - cloneable CMS template

Covilla is an interactive and responsive Webflow template by Tyler Hughey. It has unique and interactive features that make your site feel alive. It is important to mention that this template is not the best fit for beginners. Working with all those features will require you to be familiar with Webflow at least. 

Interactive and animated header of Covilla template
Source: Tyler Hughey

Booked - portfolio template

Since we were just at it, let us add another portfolio template to the mix. Booked template is a ready-to-use CMS template made with Client-first, Pexel, and Unsplash images. Like other templates by Tyler Hughey, this one as well is full of animations.

Example of how Booked template looks in practice
Source: Tyler Hughey

Webflow - recipe template

You have probably heard the saying "You eat with your eyes first." No matter how good your recipes are, if the food doesn't look good, people don't eat. There is no difference in building your online recipe site. Flowbase recipe templates enable you to create a beautiful page to showcase all your best recipes, images, and more. Elegant style, modern layout, and beautiful images will persuade even the pickiest eaters. 

Header of Webflow recipe template
Source: Flowbase

Analitika - landing page template

The world is built on data and analytics. No wonder many startups are focusing on AI and data optimization these days. Analitika template doesn’t just let you join the party but help you build a high convertible landing page. Very sleek, modern, and futuristic design makes analytics fun. If you don't like the template by default, you can always change every single element.

Home screen of Analitika Webflow template
Source: Mozaik

Client-first 7 - NGO landing page

Another template by Finsweet serves as a great starting point to build an NGO website. The site is built with REM units that improve the website's accessibility and responsiveness. This means visitors on every screen size will enjoy a great user experience. The template includes 7 statics and 3 CMS pages.

Homepage fs template 7 by Finsweet
Source: Finsweet

SaaS - landing page template

A Webflow template with Memberstack already integrated. A great way to start building a closed-gated community and offer membership features. The template includes a landing page, signup, login, and content area. All you have to do is fill in the content and start building a community.

Homepage SaaS landing page template.
Source: Memberstack

Module - landing page template

A module template is a modern landing page that helps communicate your value proposition. With very dynamic sections, it makes it easy for users to understand what your business is about. Created with clear classes, it will make updating and extending your website as easy as a piece of cake. 

Screen shot of Module Webflow template
Source: Flowout

Final thoughts

We came to the end of the list of our top free Webflow templates. As you can see, you can find templates for every industry and in many styles to fit your brand identity. Our shortlist is just a drop in the sea of thousands of available templates you can choose from for your next project. 

Templates are great to kickstart your get business idea off the ground, but there are also some cons we have to mention. Albeit you can tweak them as you like, there will always be other pages using the same template. Using templates will also make it hard to express your brand identity. You can get close, but not like with custom development and design. At least if you don't have a background in development and design. 

As you can see, there are many pros and cons to using templates. While they are great at helping you save time and money, they lack unique development from scratch gives you. In the end, it all boils down to your resources, goals, time, and preferences.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find free Webflow templates?

You can find free Webflow templates in the templates library or directly on the sites of their creators.

Can I sell Webflow templates?

You can sell Webflow templates on Webflow Marketplace exclusively. You must not resell the same templates on other marketplaces.

Can you customize Webflow templates?

You can customize Webflow templates as you wish. They come with fully customizable elements so you can tweak even the tiniest details.


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