Custom scripts and speedy communication for a marketing automation platform

Landing page we created for Sendlane in Webflow.

About Sendlane

Sendlane is an all-in-one email & SMS marketing automation tool. They help online stores generate more revenue, increase retention, and automate personalized experiences for their customers.

Marketing Automation


51-100 Employees

Company size

San Diego,


Design & 


The objective

Sendlane works with some of the biggest names in eCommerce out there. This means that when it comes to their website, the design needs to be just as memorable and functional as the experience they deliver for their clients.

But, by definition, a customized customer journey also means custom code. Because their vision was so specific, Sendlane needed suitable, one-of-a-kind pages and widgets.

Our solution

• A 100% custom-scripted, sleek sidebar for the Sendlane blog, so customers can navigate resources & articles with ease;

• A tailor-made paywall on their resource page for prospective clients to learn more about the business of eCommerce;

• A complete, standalone website where visitors can sign up for Sendlane’s events in a streamlined fashion.

Example of CTA made in WebflowScreenshot of navigation bar

One-on-one, speedy communication - to ensure we’re always on the same page

One reason why Sendlane decided to work with us is because we’re easy to communicate with.

At the end of the day, Flowout is a small team. This means it was very easy for us to provide support along the way, as well as making adjustments immediately after every meeting.

If anything went wrong, Sendlane would just update our Slack channel, and we would fix it.

The Sendlane blog sidebar

A custom-scripted javascript sidebar, entirely made in Webflow. Have a look down below, or see it in action on the Sendlane blog!

Sendlane blog sidebar we created in Webflow.

A special connection

We strive for tight-knit collaboration with our customers.

Before Flowout, Sendlane relied on enterprise-level companies for their web development needs. This tends to make for soulless, unproductive relationships where it takes weeks for work to be done.

Instead, we believe that working with a smaller team ensures you’re directly talking to your developer—working on the same project and making a persistent effort for a great website together.

5 stars

"We’re so happy to have you on our side."

"As a fast-growing SaaS startup we had many tweaks and improvements in mind for our site, but no one on our team to support us on an as needed basis. We struggled to find a Developer that was not only strong in their coding skills but most importantly a Webflow expert, as our entire site was custom built within Webflow. I came upon Flowout by chance and wow am I glad I did! Working with them hasn’t only been easy it’s been enjoyable. Our team genuinely enjoys collaborating with them and hopping on calls to talk things through. No matter what the project has been or how custom, they have completed it speedily and continue to surpass our expectations every single time! Thanks guys, we’re so happy to have you on our side."

Project testimonial author photo

Caitlin Hutchinson

Marketing Director @ Sendlane

Sendlane’s paywall

A tailor-made paywall for Sendlane. See it in action on their own website.

Custom paywall example

A standalone website for Commerce Roundtable

Sendlane hosts Commerce Roundtable, their virtual eCommerce conference, on a quarterly basis. In order to serve their customers to perfection, they needed a standalone site where attendees could order their tickets.

Website made in Webflow for Commerce Roundtable that is hosted by Sendlane.

The result

The amazing team at Sendlane were our first client. We had great chemistry from day 1, and thanks to great communication, constant delivery and their astounding pace of growth, we continue to work together to this day.

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