From custom design to high-performing Webflow site with Flowout

Landing page we created for Sendlane in Webflow.

Trusted by the world's most innovative organizations, searched for a reliable partner to help establish its web presence. Being Webflow Experts and offering custom solutions tailored to every client, we were the right fit. We helped Nightfall establish the ultimate user experience with a custom and high-performing Webflow page.

About Nightfall

Nightfall AI is a machine learning-powered cloud platform helping organizations identify business-critical data across their SaaS, APIs, and data infrastructure. Their mission is to help customers manage and protect sensitive data through an intuitive and effective cloud platform.

Software as a service


11-55 Employees

Company size

San Fran, California


Design & 


Start of a partnership was looking for a sidekick to help them design and develop a high-performing Webflow page from scratch. Working with the world's most innovative organizations and sensitive data, they were looking for nothing less than a reliable and trustworthy partner.

We kicked off our partnership with an initial call where we discussed the scope and goals of the project. 

We offer tailored solutions to every customer, thus we kicked off our partnership with an initial call. We discussed the scope and goals of the project as well as all the concerns. From start to finish, we communicated with them via Slack and provide a transparent overview of the progress report.

Sendlane blog sidebar we created in Webflow.
Sendlane blog sidebar we created in Webflow.

From the design to a pixel-perfect Webflow site

When partnering with a company like, we knew that we must take the approach to design very strategically. To help them capture the trust of their clients, we wanted to design a highly structural website.

By taking control of the web design from scratch, we enable Nightfall to focus on what matters most - scaling their business. Following all web design best practices, we have curated a beautiful and engaging page that helps Nightfall stand out from the competition. 

Once the design was approved, we converted all Figma files into a pixel-perfect Webflow page. We deployed a high-performing and SEO-optimized Webflow page that keeps the customers wanting to come back. 

Lastly, we enriched the customer experience by making the whole site interactive by creating custom Lottie and JavaScript animations.

Landing page we created for Sendlane in Webflow.

Custom animations for a rich customer experience

To help our Nightfall stand out, we did more than just a static page. Adding custom JavaScript and Lottie animation to the page enriched the customer experience and made their site highly engaging. 

Adding Lottie animations allowed us to easily incorporate high-quality animation into their website while creating JavaScript animations enabled us to create animations that fit all their specific needs.

Example of CTA made in Webflow
Custom paywall example

Boosting website performance by adding integrations

There is no point in a fancy website if you don't set it up for success. A vital objective was to help establish a web presence and streamline its marketing efforts. 

We integrated Google Tag manager on their site to enable them to manage and add marketing and tracking tags without needing to update any code. Google tag manager helps Nightfall to streamline marketing efforts and provides valuable insights into user behavior on the site. 

Next, we integrated Hubspot to help improve boost lead generation. Hubspot enables Nightfall to set up forms and landing pages and optimize their page for maximum conversion. 

Last but not least, we integrated Greenhouse integration, a leading applicant tracking system. Integrating Greenhouse allows Nightfall to easily post job openings and accept applications directly through the website.

Custom paywall example

The result

Our team of Webflow experts and custom solutions specialists were the perfect fit for Nightfall's needs, and we were able to establish their web presence with a high-performing and engaging website that perfectly captured their mission.

From the initial call to the final delivery, we communicated transparently with Nightfall and ensured that we addressed all their concerns and goals. Our focus on designing a highly structural website paid off, and we were able to deliver a pixel-perfect Webflow page that stood out from their competition.

It was a pleasure working with Nightfall, and we are proud of the outcome of our partnership. We are confident that our work will help Nightfall scale their business and attract new clients to their platform.


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