Should I Learn Webflow?

Is Webflow just another tool on the market, or can it be a game-changer worth learning?

Coming to this blog chances are you have probably been asking this question yourself. Should I learn Webflow? Simple answer: it depends. Webflow is a no-code website-building tool that allows you to build pages without writing a single line of code. Albeit hearing this probably makes you excited, the learning curve is steep.

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What all the fuss is about?

Webflow is a relatively new platform that has been getting a lot of attention in the past few years. And according to the w3tech report,  websites built with Webflow have been steadily increasing. 

What makes Webflow different is allowing you to focus on design without having to worry about writing any code. Visual canvas enables you to build responsive websites using drag and drop builder. The platform translates your design into a semantic code so your site runs on high performance at all times.

Who is Webflow for?

Webflow is getting more and more popular among seasoned designers. Thus if you want to learn web design, it might be a good place to start. The first time stepping into the world of design can be overwhelming. There is coding on one site and UI/UX design on another. Two complex skills that both need your full-time commitment.

This can serve as a good indicator if you should learn Webflow. The platform allows you to focus on design without knowing how to code. It writes code for you as you design, so there’s no delay between seeing your designs in, say, Photoshop, and seeing them as they’ll be when they go live. Since now you have to focus on just one part of the web design, this makes learning much faster. 

But even if you are already an experienced web designer and/or developer, Webflow is still worth learning. Its power to close the gap between design and development can make it a valuable tool for both sides of the divide. This doesn't only save a ton of time but also improves designers' performance. They say that seeing their work translate into code in real-time makes them better at their jobs.

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What should you know before learning Webflow?

Increasing demand for custom websites

Webflow popularity and reputation have grown rapidly over the last few years. The demand for websites with custom design has gone through the roof. Everyone wants to stick out and be visible in the market. Websites built with Webflow look are less uniform than those made using other website builders. You can see more and more businesses have their websites built with Webflow.  So it just makes good business sense to add the Webflow skillset to your repertoire.

You can learn Webflow for free

Learning Webflow won't cost you a penny. You see, their business model is set up so that you don’t have to pay anything until you go live. So its extensive range of tools and platforms is completely free for as long as you need to learn to use it. You can find amazing learning resources for free as well. Webflow University offers an extensive collection of courses, lessons, and guides completely free of charge. Regardless if you end up using Webflow in the end, going through Webflow University will be a good investment in learning about web design. 


It's easier than coding

Even if you are the best designer in the world, not knowing how to code will put the limit on what you can do relatively low. Exactly this makes Webflow special. You can build and deploy responsive websites without ever writing a single line of code.

Albeit there is no need to know how to code to use Webflow, you should at least be familiar with HTML and CSS. This will help you understand the cascading aspect of CSS, which is a crucial part of making your site responsive. For getting the most out of Webflow, you should also learn how sections and containers work in CSS, as well as about the box model. 

Here are some great resources to help you start with understanding the fundamentals of HTML and CSS:

The learning curve is steep

So, there are a lot of positives to learning Webflow, no doubt about that. But none of this means that it’s easy. Relatively speaking, it is easy. Much easier than learning web coding and graphic design from scratch with only basic-level tools, anyway. But, to get the best results from Webflow, you’ll still have to learn a lot about designing, coding, and building websites. 

How long will it take to learn Webflow?

Webflow is designed to be easy to learn. An experienced professional should be able to get to grips with Webflow within a week or two. But for a complete beginner with zero web design experience, it can be quite overwhelming. 

How long it will take you to learn Webflow will depend on quite a few factors.  

  • Your prior experience. Do you have any background experience in HTML and CSS or design? Having prior experience will be your best asset in learning Webflow fast. 
  • Commitment. This one is pretty obvious, right? The more committed you are, the faster will you get a grasp of it.
  • Experience in using other platforms and CMS. Even if other website builders are not the same as Webflow, having prior knowledge will translate here.
  • Your personality. Are you a fast learner, and/or have a talent for more technical stuff? Great! This will help you go through the learning process fast.


Returning to the question of whether you should learn Webflow, let’s do a recap. Is Webflow worth learning if you want to learn about web design in general? Absolutely, definitely yes. Is Webflow worth learning if you’re a web professional and you want to be able to do your job better? Also, very much a yes. But is Webflow worth learning if you need a website for your business and you’re wondering if you might be able to build one yourself by the end of next month? No, this will not be the best use of your time.

If you want to build a website yourself, use a simpler, more accessible web builder. But if you want a website with all of the complexity, versatility, and uniqueness that Webflow allows, then outsource someone who is already an expert. That investment, we assure, you will be absolutely worthwhile.


Is Webflow difficult to learn?

With background knowledge of web design, Webflow is relatively easy to learn. Even without any experience in building websites, Webflow will be easier to master than learning to code from scratch.

How long will it take to learn Webflow?

How long will it take for you to learn Webflow depends on your background skills and willingness to learn. If you have experience in web design, learning Webflow will be a quick process.

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