15 Webflow Plugins to Enhance the Capabilities of Your Webflow Page

We gathered all the essential Webflow plugins to help you boost your page capabilities and performance.

Throughout building Flowout into a successful Webflow service, we tried many plugins. Some were redundant, and others were game-changing. We created this list of the top 15 plugins to save you the time of reviewing the full Webflow plugins and integrations library. Keep reading and enhance the Webflow functionality straight away!

Table of contents

1. Finsweet Chrome extension

This free extension by Finsweet will enhance your Webflow development experience. Once you apply it to your project, you get equipped with a toolkit that offers a wide range of new possibilities. 

This extension will allow you to:

  • Make your page break pointless on every screen size.
  • Redirect all your URLs with the 301 bulk redirects function.
  • Reorder color swatches inside your project with the Color swatches reorder feature.

But what if more than one person owns the project and only one has this extension set up, you may ask. Every change will be saved across the board, even if only one person has the extension set up. 

Follow this link to see the full overview video!

2. Finsweet scrollbar styler 

Next in line is another free extension by Finsweet. Scrollbar styler enables you to customize your scrollbar visually. Add a custom width, color, shadow, border, and border-radius to your scrollbar in a Webflow-like environment.

You can generate clean CSS styles visually straight in the designer and use them for any part of your page. The scrollbar styler helps you create a custom scrollbar for an entire page, a certain sub-page, or even an element. 

Follow this link to see the full overview video!

3. Data Goat

Data Goat is a free Webflow-focused analytics app that connects GA4 with your Webflow site and makes data much simpler to understand.

Instead of just providing raw data, it refines and personalizes it so it's more relevant to your website. It helps you track all the essential metrics to optimize your pages accordingly.

Monitoring behavior on your website will allow you to:

  • Pick the right strategy to increase engagement.
  • Optimize user experience to generate new leads.
  • Track what users search for and what pages they visit.
  • Retain users longer on your page.

4. Jetboost

Jetboost enables you to add real-time search, dynamic filtering, and more to your site without writing code!

It enables you to create an on-page real-time search so users can search through your website freely. They don't have to rely on the navigation menu but can search items directly as they type. 

Jetboost allows visitors to filter your content by categories, tags, or other subgroupings. It also enables you to provide visitors with bookmark-specific items.

5. Memberstack

Memberstack is a great integration to create gated online communities. It enables you to build members-only websites, dashboards, web apps, and intranets. The best thing is its compatibility with any brand personality. It will align with your brand seamlessly without needing to adapt any content or design style.  

6. Linguana

According to HBR, 72.4% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their language. Another 56% of them put information in the local language is more important than the price.

Linguana is thus a perfect solution for every brand operating on the global market. It is a multi-language SaaS exclusively for Webflow. A tool that will help you scale your Webflow projects in 109 languages. 

But why Linguana?

  • Built with SEO in mind, so you can be confident that your page will reach a global audience.
  • Automatic and manual translations. 
  • Translated URLs that enable indexing by search engines.
  • Subfolders structure or custom domains.

7. Stripe

Stripe is by far the most popular payment integration for Webflow. At least in the high-tech and startup world. It enables you to accept payments online and start generating revenue. Stripe also helps you send invoices, issue virtual and physical cards, get financing, and manage business spending.

8. Flowbase for Chrome

Flowbase is another Chrome plugin that you can have natively in your Webflow dashboard. This extension enables you to access components, icons, guides & advanced functionality without leaving the designer. 

Flowbase enables you to:

  • Access a library of free and premium components inside your Webflow.
  • Add icons to Webflow and customize them in an instance.
  • Import your custom color with Figma Swatch Importer and apply it to your icons.

9. Airtable

Airtable is a visual platform that collects data and helps align people and workflow across the organization. 

Airtable enables you to:

  • Create custom workflows to run campaigns and track success.
  • Build roadmaps and alignments while creating new products.
  • Have a single, well-organized place for all your data and processes.
  • Keep teams aligned from recruitment and beyond onboarding.
  • Build a loyal customer base with optimized lead generation and key account management.
  • Track, analyze, and optimize your finances.

10. Outseta

The premise of Outseta is to enable you to 100% focus on building your core products. Outseta takes care of the rest and gives you all the tools to start generating revenue.

Outseta takes care of:

  • Billing. It enables you to add sign-up forms and iterate pricing without any code.
  • Authentication. It enables users to sign up and log in to your website to access your content and features. 
  • CRM. Allowing you to manage the complete customer communication in one place.
  • Email. Form transactional emails to newsletter and automation.
  • Help desk. Enhance customer support and get lifelong customers.

11. Optily

Optily enables you to optimize all your Webflow CMS images without any quality loss. Powered by popular TinyPNG.com, it reduces your image size by up to 80%. The great thing about Optily is that it optimizes your images automatically. This removes all the redundant work of manually compressing images one by one.

12. Termsfeed

Termsfeed is not the most exciting tool out there but an essential one. All professional businesses require a privacy and terms and conditions page. 

But what if you don't have the necessary legal texts or a lawyer that would set this up for you?

Termsfeed is an excellent solution in those cases! It helps you generate legal documentation. You can generate:

  • Privacy policy 
  • Terms and conditions 
  • EULA 
  • Return and refund 
  • Cookies Policy 
  • Disclaimers
  • Terms of service
  • Terms of use

13. Finsweet cookie consent

If you are a business processing data of EU citizens, you must comply with GDPR. This law improves the protection of European data subjects' rights and clarifies what companies that process personal data must do to safeguard these rights.

Finsweet cookie consent is a free plugin designed exclusively for Webflow. It will make your website GDPR compliant in just a few simple clicks. 

See this step-by-step guide on how to add it to your Webflow page here

14. Elfsight

Elfsight is a big library of free Webflow integrations to enhance engagement and conversions on your site. 

Elfsight enables you to:

  • Embed live content from all your social media channels.
  • Display customer reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other platforms.
  • Improve customer support by enabling visitors to chat with you via their favorite messengers on your website.
  • Create a wide array of different forms to collect leads.
  • Choose among many tools to enhance your page functionality. 

You can set up all Elfisght widgets without code, but that is not even the best part. You can monitor all the essential metrics and analyze your widget's performance. 

15. Monto

Last but not least is Monto. A Webflow specialized tool for Webflow ecommerce. Monto enables you to equip your shop with:

  • Abandoned carts recovery.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Product reviews.
  • Affiliate and referrals.

All those features improve customer experience and turn your site into a powerful ecommerce. 


We came to the end of our top 15 Webflow plugins and tools that can help boost your Webflow functionality. While Webflow is powerful alone, those plugins will help you develop better sites and attract more visitors. Of course, those are only our recommendations and not something set in stone. But if none of those is the right fit for you, the Webflow library has a lot more to offer. 

Webflow offers a big library of plugins and integrations with different features and solutions. Follow this link and explore all the possibilities to find a tool perfect for you.


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